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Meditation and Breathwork Coaching
Breathwork is controlled, rhythmic breathing. It nurtures the full spectrum of health by balancing your nervous system and releasing stuck energy. Decrease symptoms of anxiety and stress, while improving sleep, digestion, mood regulation, creativity, and focus. Breathwork allows us to move beyond the intellect and into the inherent, healing wisdom of the body. Whether you’re simply trying to regain balance in your life or searching to reconnect with your authentic self to gain clarity, breathwork can get you there. I will teach you numerous breathing techniques that you can use on a daily basis, for different results depending on what you need. You will learn the science behind how these techniques influence your body and how to use them strategically to accomplish your health goals.
Through meditation coaching, learn how to use meditation to support your personal needs and goals. I make it simple and digestible so it is no longer complex or elusive. I help you move through roadblocks people often encounter when they begin meditating so you can build a sustainable practice and experience the long term, transformational effects of meditation. Whether you’re feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, lost or confused, meditation can help move you to your path of calm, clarity and connection with yourself and others. I use various meditation techniques but most often, mindfulness meditation. In meditation coaching, you will also learn simple tools to help incorporate more mindfulness into your daily life.
With the combined coaching experience, I teach you how to incorporate both of these powerful tools to support your personal needs and live a more authentic, balanced, peaceful life.
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